The Strait of Gibraltar: Bridge of birds

Every year in Tarifa and surrounding areas at the Strait of Gibraltar,  one of the greatest natural events can be watched in nature: Bird Migration. Placed between two continents and the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, it is one of the best points in Europe to watch this natural phenomenon.

Egyptian vulture

From February to May in spring migration, and between July and October in autumn migration, thousands of birds travel between the African and European continent.

Tarifa also has areas of high ornithological value, being a very interesting point for birdwatching throughout the whole year.

Because of all birds you can see, beautiful landscapes, pleasant weather, delicious local food and excellent hotels, Tarifa has all you need to be one of the best destinations in the world for birdwatching.

Knowing very well the ornithological potential of this area and with the idea that the nature tourism positively affects the development of the local population and the nature conservation, Birding Tarifa was born  at the beginning of 2012.

Living the bird’s migration in the Strait of Gibraltar is one of those experiences that any birder shouldn´t miss”

Specialized in tours around the Strait of Gibraltar, Cadiz, Doñana and Morocco, Birding Tarifa was the first birdwatching company registered in Tarifa and was set up by the local expert birder and ringer Manuel Morales.

Born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Manuel Morales began to have an interest in birds at a very young age. He met Luis García, expert ornithologist and ringer from the Doñana National Park, who would later be his mentor. After many years of learning, in 2007 he got to be a ringer of the Doñana Biological Station. Although he has been coming to Strait of Gibraltar for many years to watch the bird migration, in 2009 he started to work as an ornithologist in an environmental company, and since then he has been living there. This has allowed him to know the best places to watch birds in this area, including the nearby Morocco.

With the philosophy that sustainable development is possible, we work every day to get it.  Hiring the services of Birding Tarifa you will also contribute directly to birds conservation. The company will donate a portion of its annual profits to create conservation projects (bird banding, bird monitoring, ring reading, environmental education, teaching birds to locals…) and it collaborates with conservation projects of nature foundations and NGOs.


Manuel Morales
Bird guide